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World Foundation is engaged in social service, human welfare activities and upliftment of the society.The various activities undertaken by Urjaa World have been making a huge difference in the lives of the people, society, and nation. Inspired by the philosophy of “Energy Guru” to bring about positive and effective change in the entire life-cycle of a human being through the miraculous “Energy Mantra”, Urjaa World Foundation is proactively involved in empowering and serving each and every living soul perfect class for you.


सेवा (SERVICE )

Serving everyone without the discrimination of caste, creed, color or religion. Focused efforts towards building secure communities, channelizing youth power, promoting education, eradicating unemployment & poverty, medical assistance & welfare activities for the underprivileged & calamity struck people and serving & adopting backward villages for their development.



Creating global awareness about the benefits of meditation through the miraculous power of ‘Energy Mantra’, which is the result of years of research, practice, and dedication. Engage proactively in the change process through the philosophy of channelizing the power of the mind. Work as a catalyst for bringing about a revolutionary transformation in the overall life-cycle of people.


संस्कृति (CULTURE )

A completely contemporary approach created by compiling the thoughts of Mahavir, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Kabir, Tulsidas, Valmiki and Guru Nanak in order to promote the grandeur of Indian culture and establish global peace for the betterment of the entire humanity. Connecting the world with the single cord of love and tolerance.

Urjaa Yog for development and success

Urjaa Yog for blooming health and prosperity

We often feel the lack of energy and deterioration in our health for no reason. Read more

Urjaa Yog healing for Humanity

It is unfortunate that all of us lead hurried lives and are too busy to take care of ourselves.Read more

Urjaa Yog milestone for student

All the aspects of a student’s life if mixed in a correct proportion will be the key to enhancing Read more

Urjaa Yog  self-programming

Urjaa Yog  programing offers a truly unique energy programming therapy to achieveRead more

Urja World Global Activities



• Education For The Underprivileged
• Addressing The Areas Of Education



• Preventive Healthcare Services
• Steps For Rural Rejuvenation



• Rural Employment Initiatives
• Developmental Opportunities


Women, Youth & Child Empowerment

• Focused Development
• Pioneering And Sustaining Change


Disaster Relief

• Relief & Rehabilitation
• Adopting Backward Villages



• Environment Awareness Programmes
• Drives for Green World


Holistic & Healthy Living

• Awareness For Yoga, Meditation & Healing
• Inculcating Healthy Lifestyle Behavior In Remote Villages And Slum Areas


Global Peace

• Peace Summits & Conferences
• One Man, One Religion, One Nation, One World, One God

Urjaa World Ayurveda City and Spiritual Science Research Center

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