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Acharya Shri Kushagranandiji Maharaj


Acharya Samrat Shri Kushagranandiji Gurudev was born in Hupri, Kolahpur, Maharashtra on June 13, 1967. He was named Anantkeerti by his mother Smt. Foolaavati and father Shri Tavanappa. Having born into a family which was religious by nature, since the very childhood Acharya Shri had served saints and religious gurus and had followed the path of righteousness. He was so inclined towards the values of Dharma, Sacrifice, Tenacity and Restraint that at a very young age of 17 when he came in contact with Ganadhipati Acharya Shri Kunthusagarji, he realized the actual goal of his life and Anantkeerti left on the path of becoming Kushagranandi. After acquiring diksha from Acharya Shri Kunthusagarji Maharaj, Acharya Shri Kushagranandiji Maharaj continued to move ahead in his spiritual journey and never looked back in life.


On the path of Sacrifice and Tenacity, the way in which Acharya Shri has conquered his physical body is beyond our imagination. Time and again he has been doing various difficult practices like – abstaining from grains and cereals for years, not drinking water for several months and innumerable fasts without food and water completely. Not only people following Jainism but people following various other religions from all over India are influenced by the strict practices which Acharya Shri indulges in. Despite Acharya Shri’s penance being very rigorous, his heart is extremely soft. The glow on his face and his attractive smile are so enticing that anybody who comes to worship him feels that all his troubles have vanished at once. The flower blossomed on account of Acharya Shri’s knowledge rain can be seen in the form of Swami ArihanRishiji.


Acharya Shri has always been dedicated towards the empowerment and upliftment of the society. The sole objective of his life is to give a proper shape to social works so that people benefit from them. Education, conservation of nature, development, empowerment of children and women, anti-addiction, anti-terrorism, etc. are the subjects towards which Acharya Shri is especially interested. Hence, in order to fulfill this goal, he has bestowed his entire knowledge upon Swami ArihantRishiji, so that Swamiji could begin a Change Campaign and make itaccessible to each and every individual. Acharya Shri believes that if there is peace and happiness in families then only it will be possible to establish a good society which is united by the people who belong to it. According to Acharya Shri Kushagranandiji Maharaj, if anyone who wants to bring about a change has to begin with himself first and then work together with people in the spirit of unity, this in turn would help in laying the foundation of change. Acharya Samrat Shri Kushagranandiji is the ocean of knowledge and love and he bestows his love and affection on everybody irrespective of any discrimination.

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Energy Guru Arihantrishiji
(Philosopher & Spiritual Leader)


Swami ArihantRishiji, commonly known as ‘Energy Guru’, is a young & dynamic Spiritual Revolutionary Guru. He is an enlightened master who after the conquest of his own self is now dedicated to serve the society and share his acquired knowledge with people. ‘Energy Guru’ embarked upon his spiritual journey at an early age and has endured years of rigorous penance according to the Jain philosophy, one of the oldest Indian philosophies, which separates body (matter) from the soul (consciousness) completely. Through his intense meditation practice and in-depth study of sciences like Yoga, Spirituality and Healing, he has been able to attain the ultimate state of consciousness.He is a strong believer of ‘One World, One God, One Religion’ and respects all religions equally. His research is based upon the rich values and practices of various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. He is a fierce motivational speaker, a talented poet, a humanist as well as a visionary leader. His zest for life is so infectious that anyone who comes in contact with this mighty soul finds a purpose for living their lives to the fullest.


‘Energy Guru’ believes in helping every individual to actualize his inherent potential. His fundamental mission is to offer the society revolutionary programs, projects and methods to deal with the issues which pose a hindrance for upliftment and development. He has undertaken various projects for the welfare of the society and given shape to them through his futuristic thought process and perception. His simple explanation of practical issues helps individuals to blossom at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Swami ArihantRishiji continues to touch and transform the lives of millions of people across the globe. Based on his perseverance “Energy Guru” has created a valuable gift for the entire human race in the form of “Energy Kriya”, which is a combination of yoga, meditation and healing through scientific and spiritual process. Through this methodology, a person would be able to see positive change and achieve success in personal, professional, spiritual, physical and materialistic aspects of his life, and in turn will be helpful in creating a healthy society.


‘Energy Guru’ is an ambassador of peace and has a vision of stress-free, violence-free society, which is united by people from all over the world. His programmes have been vital in providing assistance to people from a wide range of backgrounds like professionals, students, youth, women, victims of natural disasters, survivors of terror attacks, children from underprivileged sections, unemployed people, etc. Apart from reviving ancient wisdom, ‘Energy Guru’ has created newer techniques for personal and professional transformation, ‘Energy Kriya’ is one of the many techniques created by him. He spreads his vision of nonviolence at various public forums and gatherings with a sole agenda of restoring peace at all levels. Through his initiatives and addresses, he has continuously emphasized the need for reinforcing human values and recognizing humanity as the highest religion. He has a keen mind, balanced heart that believes in no boundaries. His work has touched the lives of people beyond the barriers of caste, creed, color, status, religion, race and nationality.


‘Energy Guru’ founded the ‘Urjaa World Foundation’ in the year 2015. He has successfully implemented various programmes under this Foundation for the welfare of people, conservation of nature, creating awareness for Yoga & Meditation, eradicating evils from the society and helping people live happier & healthier lives. He is two times Guinness Book World Record holder. Under the ‘Urjaa World Foundation’ he conducts all his programmes and establishes social and community initiatives. Under the guidance of ‘Energy Guru’, a unique, stateof-the-art Urjaa World Ayurveda City and Spiritual Science Research Centre is being developed on a 45 acre land, which would be one of its kind in the entire world


सेवा (SERVICE )

Serving everyone without the discrimination of caste, creed, color or religion. Focused efforts towards building secure communities, channelizing youth power, promoting education, eradicating unemployment & poverty, medical assistance & welfare activities for the underprivileged & calamity struck people and serving & adopting backward villages for their development.



Creating global awareness about the benefits of meditation through the miraculous power of ‘Energy Mantra’, which is the result of years of research, practice, and dedication. Engage proactively in the change process through the philosophy of channelizing the power of the mind. Work as a catalyst for bringing about a revolutionary transformation in the overall life-cycle of people.


संस्कृति (CULTURE )

A completely contemporary approach created by compiling the thoughts of Mahavir, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Kabir, Tulsidas, Valmiki and Guru Nanak in order to promote the grandeur of Indian culture and establish global peace for the betterment of the entire humanity. Connecting the world with the single cord of love and tolerance.

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