Urjaa World Foundation


Urjaa World Foundation aims to create and spread awareness of Spiritual Science through the miraculously effective ‘Energy Kriya’. It believes that in order to achieve overall development, the personal, professional, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual should be channelized in a positive direction. ‘Energy Kriya’ is the passport for living happy and complete lives. For the spiritual and holistic development of an individual, Urjaa World has undertaken a task of constructing an Ayurvedic City as a gift for everyone who wants to make the maximum of their lives.


The goal of our lives should be to know the purpose of our existence and work towards achieving it, Urjaa World Foundation supports every individual in this journey. It believes that in order to bring about change in the society it is imperative that every individual should first change and improve his own life, Urjaa World Foundation assists in laying a strong foundation to begin change and improvement at the grass root level with the help of ‘Energy Kriya in order to establish a better community, society and country.


Through the combination of Seva, Sadhna and Sanskruti, Urjaa World Foundation is committed towards a revolutionary task of eradicating terrorism, poverty, sickness, and spreading knowledge of global warming. It believes that in order to once again create a Golden India, the ideology of ‘Vasudev Kutumbkam’ needs to be followed. With the help of ‘Energy Kriya everyone would be able to sort out their confused lives. The mission of Urjaa World Foundation is to establish the one and only religion of humanity in the entire world.

Urja World Global Activities



• Education For The Underprivileged
• Addressing The Areas Of Education



• Preventive Healthcare Services
• Steps For Rural Rejuvenation



• Rural Employment Initiatives
• Developmental Opportunities


Women, Youth & Child Empowerment

• Focused Development
• Pioneering And Sustaining Change


Disaster Relief

• Relief & Rehabilitation
• Adopting Backward Villages



• Environment Awareness Programmes
• Drives for Green World


Holistic & Healthy Living

• Awareness For Yoga, Meditation & Healing
• Inculcating Healthy Lifestyle Behavior In Remote Villages And Slum Areas


Global Peace

• Peace Summits & Conferences
• One Man, One Religion, One Nation, One World, One God

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